Yago in 2019

What to expect?

Our brand may be new but our system of yoga is the essence of our DNA. We call our system The Yago Way! It’s been around since 2013, and we’ve been refining it since it’s inception.

We knew that to bring you the complete experience of yoga, through one unified system, we had to train our teachers to really be with the system – to live it on and off their mat. Since 2013, we’re trained our teachers from Level 1 through to Level 2 and finally onto our Level 3 course. Some of our teachers are also training to be Tutor Trainers. Before bringing you the very essence of who we are, we worked to establish it as a living truth, running through the heart of everything we do!

Busy with all this, we didn’t have much time to speak to our members and the lovely people of our great island. 2019 is about getting you up to speed with what we’re about, and hopefully through our system and our wonderful teachers, we’ll have the opportunity to share in a small part of your personal journey with you.

Our classes

You’ll find the full range of our Work in classes. Here you’ll enjoy the dynamic experience of a challenging practice. The focus is on movement of the physical body.

We’ll also be running our Work in classes. These classes will develop your dynamic practice by layering in the more subtle principles, focusing on moving energy through the physical body.

Our Wake up classes will be run in both our centres. At the start of 2019, we’ll have a weekly class. And, over the coming months, we’ll be building out our schedule. Here we celebrate a dynamic practice with some high energy fun, focusing on accessing higher states of energy and consciousness, through a systematic and structured form of movement and music.

If you’re an existing member you already know we offer classes in both Rathcoole (Avoca) and Ranelagh, Monday to Sunday. We run morning classes in Avoca but currently none in Ranelagh. In 2019, we’re planning to expand our timetable. Keep an eye out for more options with your classes. We’ll do all we can to work around your schedule, and bring yoga and Yago to you!

If you’d like to learn more about our classes, check out Our Classes page.
If you’d like to learn more about our class times, check out Our Times page.

Our workshops

Every month we’ll be running 4 workshops at our centres. Our workshops will be based around our system and will include topics such as: core activation, yielding, hip opening, back bends, the flow state and many more. Our workshops are two hours long and packed with lots of insightful and inspirational content. You’ll learn about postures, about chakras, about energy and most importantly about you, and your body.

The wonderful thing about our membership options is that our workshops are included in your monthly cost, and our cost packages have been created with real member value in mind. If you’d like to browse through our membership options, check out our Join us page here.

Our community


You can find us on Facebook at YAGO YOGA. On this channel we’ll be sharing news about our classes, our workshops and other brand events. A little about Yago and lots about our teachers. Say Hi on Facebook.


You can find us on Instagram at Yagolife. On this channel you’ll be behind the scenes with Yago. We’ll share some fun. Some inspiration. Never pointless content. Our mission is to only share ideas that bring a little value to your day- even if that’s just a smile! Say Hi on Instagram.


You can find us on YouTube at Yago. We don’t have any videos up just yet but they’re in the workings for 2019! Stay tuned.


We’ll be publishing two blogs pieces a month. Here we’ll be sharing much more about The Yago Way. We’ll pack these full of educational content. You’ll learn more about the fundamental teachings of yoga, about the energetics and about the philosophy. We promise that in every blog you’ll learn at least two new things! Sometimes we may talk a little about Yago, but not too often and if we do, we’ll do our best to keep our rule – two new things!

Monthly Newsletter

Our newsletter will be packed with practical content for living yoga, on and off the mat. Once a month you’ll get unique content on one of the seven chakras. For example, if our theme of the month is the Root Chakra, the chakra responsible for regulating the energy associated with our instinct, survival, and safety, we’ll bring you content to help you bring balance to your Root Chakra, or to live it more fully. We’ll be sending you top tips for postures, ideas on warming and tasty food, essential oils, meditations and lots more.

You’ll also get a link to our most recent OM’spiration blog to keep you fully up-to-date.

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And, we hope to see you around our studios!