Y Yago?

You’re looking for a yoga studio….
Y Yago?

Hard facts

1. The Yago Way

Most traditions of yoga focus on a select number of fundamental teachings; and this is called their ‘style’. We focus on the integration of these styles to bring you one complete experience. The best of everything, so to speak. Try this. Imagine yoga as a mountain. And each style of yoga is a different perspective on that mountain. Each style, expert in it’s own right. Now, imagine standing on top of the mountain and seeing how all of these styles fit together, in their rightful place. That is Yago. We don’t teach you one style, we teach you the world of yoga and the tools to navigate that world, to truly become a well-rounded yoga practitioner.

2. Teachers

All our teachers go through Yago School of Yoga, our Teacher Training. We train teachers from Level 1 through to Level 3. Each course is run over one year which means our teachers spend years educating themselves, refining their practice and their teaching. They love to learn and to share their insights with our members. Our teachers also receive one-2-one mentoring, which helps them excel on their own journey through our system.

Our system of yoga is not only a journey through yoga, it’s a journey through life.

Because our teachers are trained to teach our integrated system – The Yago Way – once you find your favourite teacher; the one that really speaks to you; you can stay with this teacher throughout your yoga journey. This means they’re able to see where you may need some extra support. You may have mastered flow but you are struggling a little with your alignment and the subtlety of feeling into yield. They’ll be sure to make recommendations and help you to develop and grow in your practice.

3. Energy

Our system of yoga has been shaped around three energetic experiences. Work out physical energy. Work in energetic energy, and Wake up mental energy. We layer this approach throughout all our classes and workshops.

At Yago, we teach you more than the physical practice. It’s important to us that you truly experience the energy of our teaching, so that you’re equipped to bring it to truth in your life, both on and off your mat. For example, we not only teach you the theoretical principle of flow. We guide you into the subtle energy of the experience. It’s no longer a principle for you, it’s a lived truth. This truth becomes your wisdom; you know how the flow state feels, so you have the autonomy to bring it fully to life within you, in every moment of every day. With understanding of your energetic body comes depth of practice.

We take you deeper, with ease

The feeling in our studios reflects these energies. It has substance and integrity, as well as lots of genuine fun and creativity. We celebrate yoga and we celebrate life.

4. Purpose

At Yago, it’s our purpose to share this journey with you. To help you uncover your ground, to unlock your authentic self and to celebrate in the freedom of living your purpose.

To know your purpose, you need to know your place of rest, within. The place where the ground is firm and standing strong comes naturally. A familiarity of knowing comes and with this, your life’s purposes reveals itself. You have come home, and the struggle with yourself and with life, has stopped. You open to your flow, and step into your life with meaning, wondering where the road will take you.

5. Wisdom & insight

Roy has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. He founded the Irish School of Yoga in 2000 and in 2007 he became the director of the YTTC, Ireland’s largest yoga training organisation. In 2012 he created the Crown System of Yoga, to take people through the full system of yoga. And in 2018, Roy and I created Yago! The Yago Way is a reflection of the dept of Roy’s wisdom and insight. This lived wisdom and insight pervades everything we do at Yago.

6. Value

Our membership options deliver real value. As part of our memberships you’ll get unlimited access to classes in our Dublin studios and also, workshops and one-2-one sessions. Our 12 month contract is our best deal. With this membership plan, you can take a four week holiday, and if it’s not working for you, can cancel at any time (with 30 days notice). We’ve tried to keep our costs accessible and we’ll continue to do this because sharing the joy of yoga always comes first.

Fun facts


Music is a big part of the Yago experience. We spend hours, and I do mean hours. Maybe even days…. Researching the best of music for our classes. We create master playlists, categorised by energy and experience. All our teachers work from these eclectic playlists to bring our members the most immersive experience. We love the ambient vibes, but we’re not shy to bring a beat….

2. Dancing

You don’t have to dance. If that word makes you shudder, that’s ok. It’s not for everyone. And we only do it in our Wake Up classes. Well, it’s not quite dance, it’s structured movement to activate elemental energies. But, that’s not such a great heading so for ease, I sometimes call it dance.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys creative energy and lots of fun, you can check out our Wake up classes. Beats a night on the town any day!

3. Creativity

We bring freedom of expression and creativity to everything we do. From the way we teach right through to our brand and our communications. It’s our mission to create a space which embraces individual uniqueness and celebrates its expression. Come along to find your personal expression of The Yago Way.