The Eternal Ocean of Primordial Energy

You’re sitting, looking out a window at the view of a forest in front of you. You find yourself in a comfortable immobile state. Your body is like a statue, your conscious awareness is transfixed and you begin to daydream.

You’re daydreaming of simply just sitting where you are and watching time pass you by. And in this daydream, on time goes, moment after moment, hour after hour and day after day. For this time, you’re neither moving your body nor losing your concentration of the forest. You’re in constant awareness of the present moment.

In your absorption you notice that time seems to speed up as you watch the forest with its evolving shades of colour. The colours shift as if like a prism of light, reflecting the rainbow – colours arising, merging, waning and so it continues…

The deep greens of spring emerge, evolving into the full bloom vibrancy of the reds and violets of summer. To the yellow and red of Autumn leaves. To the stark brown black of winter trees. Your view, a never ending symphony of colour.

You realise, you’re seeing the ocean of primordial energy – the energy of life itself moving through the forest. Just as you’re watching the forest through your window, the forest is a window into the ocean of primordial energy. The ocean of infinite universal energy which cannot be destroyed but is continually churned through cycles of birth and death – the circle of life.

You’re struck by a profound insight, that the movement of the ocean has its own regularity and to measure this motion, we call it time. A day, a month, a season, a year is all a measurement of energy in motion through space. Energy is force, eternally moving.

As you look a little deeper you notice that the 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air, ether – have a pattern themselves, as if they’re dancing in nature.


The earth element is deeply rooted while wanting to spring and grow tall. The energy of the earth is the beating of a drum, bouncing into life. In movement terms, earth is the natural bounce of life.


The water element flows in perpetual motion. Even a still pond is perpetual in its fluidity, always moving towards its natural level. You observe the rise and fall of the vital life force of the forest as it moves through the seasons. In terms of movement, water is the state of boundless flow – commonly known as ‘the flow state’.


Fire can be seen in the richness of colours and the flickering motion of the forest itself. Like the flicker of the flame, it brings the spirit of the forest to life. Even in the deepest winter there can be something eerily alive about a forest. The movement of fire is flickering and shaking and in the breath is panting.


The air element can be seen in the subtle movement and lightness within the forest. From the gentle swaying of the trees to the fallen leaves that find a million ways to land gently on the earth. The movement of air is micro movements and gliding.


The ether itself is both the space the forest occupies and the fullness of all the elements moving together in chaotic grace. The movement of ether is stillness and the chaos of all the elements moving together at once. Even in the chaos there are patterns and as you move with them you find the stillness within the eye of the storm.

You continue to daydream, season after season, year after year. Finally, you blink your eyes and you emerge from this immobile state. 10 years has gone by, but you feel as though it’s all passed in the blink of an eye. You realise that throughout the 10 years you didn’t once break your concentration or conscious awareness. You were constantly present and while the energy moved, and the seasons changed the present moment did not. You’re struck by another profound insight, there is only one present moment and one universal consciousness. The present moment is stillness itself, the moment that is now is the very same moment from millions and billions of years ago and will be the very same in another billion years. It is in fact, timeless like universal consciousness itself.

As you watched the cycle of universal energy move through the forest it was from a place of timelessness. It felt like it was only one moment. It was the one moment and forever will be the one moment. Our true nature is universal consciousness and this is timeless, we are the stillness, we are the glorious moment itself.

Within the timeless consciousness is primordial energy and in this there are frequencies that all beings share, we know these as chakras. Activating the chakras can rise your primordial nature to fully enlightened consciousness, but that’s a story for another day

By Roy Griffin