The Yago Way

Where tradition meets creativity.

At Yago, we bring you the timeless experience of yoga, through one unified system.

What does this unified system mean for you?

We offer the same classes as regular yoga centres. But, through our unified system, we’ve trained our teachers to teach a range of different classes. This means that you get all the classes you love. AND, if you’d like, you get to do them all with your favourite teacher! Let’s take our Stability class as an example. Your Stability teacher may also teach you Core, Flow and Restorative, and many more. Our well-rounded teachers make you a well-rounded practitioner, and we all move forward through the system, together.

Our system of yoga is not only a journey through yoga, it’s a journey through life.

So, where do you start?

To begin, try our Work Out classes. We’ve five Work Out classes. Stability, Core, Flow, Restorative and Mindfulness. When you Work Out, you get a dynamic experience, filled with challenge and success. If you’re new to yoga we usually recommend that you start with Restorative and Stability. Restorative is a wonderfully blissful class, soothing the muscles and helping the body to soften and relax. While Stability is a strong class, focused on using the alignment of your body to build strength. Both classes are a lovely complement to one another. Or, just go ahead and jump straight into all the Work Out classes and get a feel for what you like best.

How do you progress?

To help explain your progress, let’s take one of our classes as an example. Imagine you begin by loving the high energy of our flow classes. And, you’ve been lucky to find your favourite teacher. The one that speaks most to your heart. Within our integrated system, you can expand your practice to our Restorative class, and here, be thought by the same teacher as your Flow class. Within a short time, you’ve not only mastered flow. You’ve found your teacher. And, you’re exploring something new through our Restorative classes.

Because our teachers are trained in our integrated system, they have a full view of the landscape of yoga. This means they’re able to see where you may need some extra support. You may have mastered flow but you are struggling a little with your alignment and the subtlety of feeling into yield. They’ll be sure to make recommendations and help you to develop and grow in your practice.

In time, you notice you need to build your strength, your power and your alignment so you decide to take on the next challenge. Maybe our Stability class. You begin to explore Stability, again, alongside your favourite teacher. In a little time, your practice further refines and you’re ready to take on our Stability Flow class.

Now you’re working in

When you Work in your dynamic experience shifts from physical to energetic control. The challenge here is to raise your energy. Our Work In classes layer the fundamental principles you learned in our Work Out classes, moving you more deeply into the subtle aspects of the practice.

Maybe you began your yoga journey doing the parts of the practice you liked. You followed your interests and passion and discovered that there is more to yoga and The Yago Way than maybe you had thought. And on that journey you found out lots of wonderful things about yourself; your challenges, your capabilities and your successes. We explore our strengths and our weaknesses to become truly well-rounded, as people and as practitioners of yoga.

What’s the ‘Wake up’ all about?

If you have a fun and creative streak and fancy some freestyle movement, check out our Wake up classes. Their unique, in the best way possible. Dare to explore. You’ll never know until you give it a try….

The Yago Way is as creative as it is dynamic. One system with many paths. Choose yours.

We’ve a class to suit everyone:

  • For a creative start, check out these classes: Kundalini Rising, Kundalini Flow and Kundalini Bliss
  • For a high energy start, check out these classes: Flow and Power Flow
  • For a strong start, check out these classes: Stability and Core
  • For a hot start, check out these classes: 30° Fire Yoga
  • For a gentle start, check out these classes: Restorative and Mindfulness
  • For a peaceful start, check out these classes: Mindfulness and Insight Meditation

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