Root & Rise Everybody!

Yield. It’s your time to shine. 

We have one body to work with. When engaged and moving in the correct way, the body is in alignment. Here there is natural integrity between the muscles, the joints and the breath. When the body is in alignment, it’s tapping into the forces of gravity and it is in a state of yielding. Through the state of yielding, gravity draws us towards the earth and at the same time, it creates a repelling action which opens up space for us to live and to inhabit our body. In yoga, this is known as ‘root and rise’. A simple example is a tree, the seed must take root before it can grow upwards.

Good posture is moving in alignment in each pose. When we move in alignment, we are given maximum benefit for minimum effort. Plus, it protects us from injury and unnecessary wear and tear on the body.

When we move in alignment with gravity we are in a state of yielding. Our bones connect through their centre point at the joint and our weight is channelled through our bones towards the earth. At the same time, the more subtle rebound from gravity’s effect is drawn up through our muscles giving us strength and lightness. A simple example is the feet, as the foot is planted the arches of the foot lifts. We root to rise!

We’ve found our ground and as we breath our centre of gravity the breath flows openly and the body moves in strength and lightness, with ease. These principles are taught through the Yago System, The Yago Way. And, it’s within our Stability classes that these fundamentals are brought into your direct experience.  

Many members that come to our studios, come with some part of their body compromised, beginning to collapse, compress, becoming weak, or even injured. When stress and exhaustion are dominating the psyche, injuries occur more easily. Here, the body has moved from tone to tension. Reversing this, so that tension becomes healthy tone, means finding alignment and moving with the natural integrity, which arises from yielding within the body. If the fountain of youth exists, yielding would be one of the things found at its source. The great news is that everyone has it, and everyone has access to it in their own body!

Each person’s alignment is unique to them, some people have longer legs, shorter spines or tighter hips. With the guidance of a Yago teacher you can begin to uncover the puzzle of how your body moves. And from here, begin to rise and shine in your root and rise.

At Yago, we’re committed to helping people find their natural integrity in body, breath, mind and spirit. We welcome you to come along and find your shine!