There is a lot to cover in awakening and the chakras can be a mystery to people.


You’re sitting, looking out a window at the view of a forest in front of you...

The Three Motivations of Yoga

We begin our yoga practice with a sense of self care no matter the reason...

What is a unified yoga system?

There is only one system of yoga. It’s like a matrix or a web of interconnecting elements...

Effortlessness in Asana

The key principles of yoga apply throughout all aspects of yoga and life.

Think Clearly. Find More Headspace.

It’s a sunny day and you’re three days into a two week holiday.

From Instinct to Intuition

You are born complete. As a young baby you’re authentic in your innocence.

Just Give Me The Truth

You’re grounded in your body, calmly engaging with a clear mind, there is an ease...

Any Reason Is A Good Reason To Do Yoga

There’s such a wonderful feeling when you find a yoga class that really works for you.

Activate Your Core

Core power is personal power. Imagine all your muscles working in unison...

Root & Rise Everybody!

Yield. It’s your time to shine. We have one body to work with.

The Chakras

What are they are why do you need to know about them?

Plant A Foot For Live

But not in high heels. There are a few basic positions we find our bodies in as we go about our day.

Top Tips for Yoga Practice

Get Me to The Mat. Before we begin, it’s important to say, don’t be hard on yourself.

Y Yago?

You’re looking for a yoga studio…. Y Yago?

Yago in 2019

What to expect? Our brand may be new but our system of yoga is the essence of our DNA.