What is a unified yoga system?

There is only one system of yoga. It’s like a matrix or a web of interconnecting elements...

American Style Pancakes

For the week that’s in it, it’s got to be pancakes.

Effortlessness in Asana

The key principles of yoga apply throughout all aspects of yoga and life.

Think Clearly. Find More Headspace.

It’s a sunny day and you’re three days into a two week holiday.

Irish Soda Bread

I come from a dynasty of Irish Soda Bread makers.

From Instinct to Intuition

You are born complete. As a young baby you’re authentic in your innocence.

Banana & Pecan Bread

This is my favourite banana bread, AND….. I’ve put some serious work into searching for the best one!

Poke Bowl

This is SUPER tasty but, a little time consuming – I won’t lie.