Hey! :) We’ve rebranded

Like the new look?

We love to talk about Yago, but we’ll keep this one nice and short. Here’s five paragraphs to catch up on our new look.

Our new name, Yago, is an anagram for yoga. We’re yoga. With a twist. We respect that the word yoga brings with it lots of history and meaning. We definitely don’t want to mess with yoga, or even the word. We love yoga! But we do want to shine a new light. Or, take a new perspective. And that perspective is one of unity.

So, what do we mean when we say unity? Most traditions of yoga focus on a select number of fundamental teachings; and this is called their ‘style’. We focus on the integration of these styles to bring you one complete experience. The best of everything, so to speak. Try this. Imagine yoga as a mountain. And each style of yoga is a different perspective on that mountain. Each style, expert in it’s own right. Now, imagine standing on top of the mountain and seeing how all of these styles fit together, in their rightful place. That is Yago. We teach you how to navigate the landscape that is the system of yoga, to truly become a well-rounded yoga practitioner.

Beyond the name Yago, we wanted our logo to tell a little more of our story. So, we created our essence, ‘Work out. Work in. Wake up.’ At Yago, we believe that practising our unified system of yoga, brings the body, mind and soul to transformation and awakening.

Work out to find your centre, Work in to refine your centre and Wake up to live from your centre. Our system, The Yago Way, helps you to live yoga, on and off the mat.

Check out our Work out classes and enjoy the dynamic experience of a challenging practice. Here the focus is on movement of the physical body. Check out our Work in classes and develop your dynamic practice by layering in the more subtle principles, focusing on moving energy through the physical body. Check out our Wake up classes and celebrate a dynamic practice with some high energy fun, focusing on accessing higher states of energy and consciousness, through a systematic and structured form of movement and music.

This is my fifth paragraph so I’ll wrap it up. Yoga is our passion. Yago is our brand. And awakening is our purpose.

Come and check out our classes and find your way! Everything begins with a small…. breath.

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